Two Factor Authentication (2FA) requires you to verify your identity by using either an email, SMS (text message), or authentication app confirmation before signing into your account. This reduces the possibility of unauthorized access to your account and database.

Enabling 2FA using your Email address:

  • Navigate to Settings > Security > User > Two Factor Authentication

  • Select Email

  • Click "Save Settings"

  • A window will appear asking for your account password, enter and click Submit

Enabling 2FA using your Phone Number:

  • Navigate to Settings > Security > User > Two Factor Authentication

  • Select SMS

  • Enter Phone Number in the box provided

  • Click "Register Number"

  • A new box will appear > enter the Confirmation Code that has been sent to your mobile device > click "Confirm Code"

  • Click "Save Settings"

Enabling 2FA using an Authentication App:

Firstly, download an Authentication App. We recommend the App: Google Authenticator.

  • Navigate to Settings > Security > User > Two Factor Authentication

  • Select Authentication App

  • A new window will appear: Setup Authenticator App > follow the instructions

Step 1: Setup Authentication App

Step 2: Verify Code

Step 3: Confirmation

Remember to Save the Two Factor Authentication Settings.

Once the Two Factor Authentication has been enabled (and after the initial steps of logging into your account), a new window will appear requesting the user to enter their 2FA code.

The code that you receive via an email, SMS or Google Authenticator will expire once you are logged into the system.

Currently the code that is sent via sms is active for 5minutes; the code that is sent via email is active for 10minutes; the code sent via the Authenticator App is active for 30 seconds.

💥 Important Note 💥

In a situation where you are unable to receive the Two Factor Authentication (for example: misplaced your phone, unable to login to your email), you can reach out to your clinic lead/manager who should have the permission (Edit Other Users) to change the Two Factor Authentication setting temporarily. Similarly, the clinic lead/manager who has the right permissions can also change your password for you or unlock your account.

[Settings --> Account --> Users --> click Edit next to the specific User & Select Security]

Last updated: January 2020

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