Please ensure that you have read the Virtual Visits 1.0 Tips article and make sure that all of the steps have been followed.

If you are still getting an error, please follow the steps below:

Patient reports they have not received the code

Confirm you have sent the session request to the patient’s current email address and that they are able to access their email before the session starts.

Patient lets you know the code is not working

The code patients receive is case sensitive. If they are still not able to access, you can resend a Virtual Visit code from the virtual visit window here:

Video is not working

Please make sure that you and the patient have both enabled video on Google Chrome:

Camera Access Denied error message

Make sure that all other applications that utilize the camera on your computer have been closed. If you are still encountering the error message, please restart your computer.

Patient is receiving a strange error when attempting to log in

Please make sure that the patient is entering their name and other asked for demographic information exactly as it appears on their chart.

If you still have questions, concerns or feedback please do not hesitate to contact us through our in-app support chat.

Last updated July 2020

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