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Creating Custom Case Templates
Creating Custom Case Templates
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In the CHR, cases can be used to segregate a portion of the patient chart to only include information relevant to a specific case.

Cases can be used for a variety of reasons, some examples include insurance claims made to ICBC regarding an accident/ injury, social work, mental health treatment at a family practice.

Setting up Custom Case Templates

  • Navigate to the the Settings Menu, click on the Templates Button

  • Click on the Case tab

  • Click on the Add Template Button

A Case Template Dialog window will open. You can customize the following fields:

1. Name (Required Field)

  • This indicates what the category of the cases should be (e.g. Insurance Claims, Social Work)

2. Issues

  • Provides the same basic function as Presenting Issues within the CHR

  • Issues are specific to the Case Template

  • Issues must be separated by a comma (space is optional)

Motor Vehicle, Cyclist, Pedestrian

❌ Motor Vehicle Cyclist and Pedestrian

3. Observation Types

  • Observations can be used to make notes of changes, updates, etc. throughout the lifestyle of a case

  • Observations are specific to the Case Template

  • Observations must be separated by a comma (space is optional)


❌ Risk &Update + Other

4. Case Data

  • Works the same as Patient Data, but is exclusive to this cases

  • Case Data is specific to the template it is created in

  • Case Data cannot be linked elsewhere in the patient chart

💡 Remember to always save your work and refresh your browser to see applied changes made.

An Example of a Case Data Template (ICBC)

Insurance Information

a. Insurance Name = Plain Text

b. Policy Number = Plain Text

c. Insurance Expiry = Date

Important Case Dates

a. Date of Injury/illness = Date (Past only)

b. Date off Work = Date (Past and Future)

c. Date of Referral = Date (Past only)

Closure Reason

a. Claim Outcome = Multi-select (Settlement Reached, Dismissed, Declined to Proceed)

Last updated: February 2021

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