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In the CHR, cases can be used to segregate a portion of the patient chart to only include information relevant to a specific case.

Cases can be used for a variety of reasons, some examples include insurance claims regarding an accident/ injury, social work, mental health treatment at a family practice.

The case settings are used to

  • Categorize the statuses of a case, and

  • Adding defined reasons for the closure of a case.

Please Note: Case Settings apply to ALL Case Templates.

1. General Tab

Case Closed Reasons:

  • If this field is left blank, users are able to enter a reason as free text

  • Case Closed Reasons must be separated by a comma (space is optional)

Claim Paid, Case Dismissed, Patient recall, Deceased, Other

❌ Claim Paid/Case Dismissed Patient recall and Deceased or Other

  • Click Save Settings

2. Statuses Tab

  • Statuses are customizable based on the lifecycle of the cases your clinic has

  • Closed” is a locked status as it is required to exist in order to close a case

  • Indicate what the initial status when creating a new case should be, by selecting it as “Default”

  • Click “Add Status” to add additional statuses. You will be prompted to name the status and associate a colour.

🔥 Remember to save any changes made and refresh your browser to apply your changes

Last updated: February 2021

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