Case settings

Configure case closed reasons and case statuses.

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In Settings > Case you can configure reasons for a user to choose when they close a case and you can configure case statuses to help manage your cases.

📌 Note: Case settings apply to all Case Templates.

Steps to configure case closed reasons

  1. From the main menu, click Settings > Case > General.

  2. Click the Case Closed Reasons field.

  3. If you want a user who closes a case to type their own reason:

    • leave the field blank.

  4. If you want everyone at your clinic to choose from a list of reasons:

    • type each reason separated by a comma, or enter them as separate lines by pressing Shift+Enter {Return} after each reason.

    • e.g., Claim paid, Case dismissed, Patient recall, Deceased, Other

  5. Click Save Settings.

Steps to configure case statuses

  1. From the main menu, click Settings > Case > Statuses.

  2. To create a new status, click Add Status.

  3. Choose a name and colour for the status.

  4. Click Save.

📌 Note: The Default status is the status a new case starts in. To change which status is default, click Default to the right of it.

To edit a status, click it and update the available fields.

To delete a status, select the X to the right of it.

You cannot delete the Closed status but you can rename it.

Updated October 19, 2023

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