A CHR User's account usually locks if they have attempted to login a certain number of times (the number of attempts can be configured under Security Settings). Depending on the account settings, a user can be locked out of their account between 15min to 24 hours.

Only Users with specific Permissions (Edit Other Users) can unlock a specific User's account. This will often be the Clinic Manager / CHR SuperUser.

How to Unlock a User's Account?

  • Navigate to Settings Module > Account

  • Select the User who has been locked out of their account from the Users List

  • Click on the Edit/Gear Icon, next to the User's Name

  • Navigate to Security Tab

  • Check Unlock Account

  • Click Submit

  • A new window will appear, asking the CHR user to provide their password

The User's Account has been successfully unlocked.

Last updated: March 2021

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