Matching a patient in OLIS
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When you run an OLIS query, the patient is matched on last name, health number and issuer, gender, and date of birth. Depending on what criteria match, two different scenarios may occur.

1. If you query OLIS and your patient's health number, date of birth, or gender is different in the CHR, a warning message appears and no OLIS results are returned.

You must correct the specific patient data that is not recognised by OLIS in your CHR (patient's chart) and run a query again.

2. If you query OLIS and your patient's last name is different in the CHR and all other patient demographics match the information in the OLIS system, the correct patient surname appears (in red) in the preview window header with a Match Patient button.

The patient's lab results are returned, but you need to match it to the right patient in the CHR in order to save any lab reports to the patient's chart.


  1. From the searched report, click Match Patient.
    A Match Patient window appears.

  2. Adjust the last name, health number, gender, or date of birth accordingly to search for the patient in the CHR.

  3. Click Search.

    A new Match Patient window appears with the search results.

  4. Select the correct patient from the list presented to you.

In the OLIS preview window, the patient is no longer red and has been matched to one in the CHR. You can now save reports to the patient's chart (see Saving OLIS lab reports for more information).

Updated June 2, 2022

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