Once your bills are sent from your CHR account to MDBilling, you can find all bills queued in your Saved Claims folder in your MDBilling portal. You must submit these claims to the Ministry of Health (MOH).

📌 Note: Once a claim is submitted, you cannot make any changes to the bill, until you receive a claim error report from the MOH.

⚠️ Important: According to the billing cycle, ensure that all your claims are submitted to the MOH by the 18th of every month.


  1. Login to your MDBilling portal.
    The main MDBilling.ca page appears.

  2. Form the Dashboard, click the blue circle Saved.
    Alternatively, under Claims on the left side panel, you can select Saved Claims.
    The Saved Claims page opens.

    📌 Note: If you have access to your clinic group claims, you can filter the saved claims by selecting either your MOH group number(s), all claims, and no group number next MOH Group.

  3. Select one claims, more than one claim or all claims.

  4. If you selected individual claims, click Submit Selected Claims.

  5. If you selected all claims, click Submit All Claims.

Updated October 2021

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