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Collecting payments during a virtual visit, using Stripe (using Virtual Visits 2.0)
Collecting payments during a virtual visit, using Stripe (using Virtual Visits 2.0)
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In Pathways (Virtual Visits), a patient action (process payments) can be assigned to patients to submit payments directly in Virtual Visits. This eliminates a clinic's need to save any credit card details in a patient's chart.

⚠️ Important: If you want the patient action (process payments) configured within your CHR account, contact our CHR support team.

📌 Note: Before you can collect payment during a Virtual Visit, you have to first select specific Unpaid Item(s).


  1. From a patient chart, click Start/Open > Private Billing

  2. Under the Unpaid Items section, select items by clicking their checkmark

  3. Click Make a Payment

    Now you are ready to collect a payment.

  4. Navigate to the virtual visits window on the left of your screen

  5. Click the Tasks and Tags Tab

  6. Under Assigned patient tasks, click + Assign tasks

  7. Select Private Payment <label>

    📌 Note: The name of this label will vary from clinic to clinic.

  8. Select the private bills you would like to collect payment for, and select Assign

📌 Note: Patients receives an assigned task (under Tasks). They can make a payment without giving the clinic their credit card details. See below image.

You can see that the payment has been processed by:

  • Clicking on the assigned patient task, Private Payment (Stripe),


  • Open the Private Billing section to see that the processed (completed) payment.

⚠️ Important: The method described above is currently not available on the UpPatient App. Clinics should not utilize this feature if they are not sure if the patient is using the UpPatient App to access Virtual Visits.

Updated April 2021

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