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Adding or modifying location descriptions for eBooking
Adding or modifying location descriptions for eBooking
Provide clinic location details to patients
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If you have multiple locations sharing the same TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) system for eBooking, you can provide detailed information about each location. When patients are prompted to select a location to book at, below each location, they're provided with a link to view this information.

The location information can also automatically pop-up when patients select the location.


1. From the main menu, click Settings.

2. Select Scheduling and then, under Schedule Settings, click Locations. If your clinic has multiple locations that share the same CHR system, a list of locations display. Otherwise, your single clinic name displays.

3. Select the location you want to update or add a description for. The Update Location window opens.

4. In the ONLINE BOOKING DESCRIPTION TITLE field, type a title for the message. This title displays as the description window header.

5. In the ONLINE BOOKING DESCRIPTION TEXT field, type the clinic location description.

💡 Tip: Want to format the description text? No problem. You can use the following HTML tags:

  • <li> Inserts a bullet point (●) and will automatically insert a line break with </li> if not specified on the same line

  • <em> TEXT </em> Italicizes the text between the tags

  • <strong> TEXT </strong> Bolds the text between the tags

  • <br> Inserts a line break

6. If you also want the clinic detail window to pop up when patients select the clinic, in the IMPORTANT ONLINE BOOKING MESSAGE list, select Yes.

7. Click Save.

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Updated December 29, 2021

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