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Configuring eBooking
Configuring eBooking
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Overview of eBooking
Setting up and customizing eBooking for your clinic
Setting up multiple locations for eBooking
Setting what clinic locations are available for eBooking
Setting the clinic name and address patients see during eBooking
Adding or modifying location descriptions for eBooking
Categorizing or grouping locations for eBooking
Adding appointment type descriptions for eBooking
Enabling patients to select a reason for visit (presenting issue) when requesting appointments on your clinic's eBooking site
Setting how far in advance patients can self-book appointment types (eBooking)
Displaying your clinic address and map on appointment notifications
Displaying your clinic address and map on appointment notifications for certain appointment types
Allowing new and current patients to self-book an appointment type
Setting appointment types to require approval when booked through eBooking
Setting which provider(s) patients can book certain appointment types with when self-booking appointments
Allowing patients to confirm their primary provider when self-booking appointments
Auto-assigning appointment times when patients self-book appointments
Setting up a provider schedule for eBooking
Setting how many patients can self-book a single appointment time slot
Setting a schedule's appointment time intervals for eBooking
Enabling appointment stacking for eBooking
Customizing clinic-wide eBooking settings
Allowing patients to change or cancel their appointments online
Requiring patients to select an appointment reason (presenting issue) when self-booking appointments
Requiring patients to verify their identity when accessing the appointment booking site (eBooking)
Missing identifications when patient attempts to login to eBooking
Setting provider display options for eBooking
Allowing patients to skip pre-visit Qnaires when they self-book appointments
Adding a disclaimer to the top of your "Please provide basic information" appointment booking site page
Adding or updating your biography (bio) for your clinic's eBooking site
Customizing appointment notification details
Customizing the text on your patient-facing appointment booking site