Overview of eBooking
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The TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) includes three applications that your patients can use to book appointments online:

  • The appointment booking site (accessed using a URL similar to your clinic's CHR login URL, but with /ebooking at the end. For example, "YourDomainName”.inputhealth.com/ebooking.)

eBooking is available by default to all clinics; it does not need to be enabled. All three platforms share one booking configuration but are accessed by patients differently.


  1. From the main menu, click Settings > Scheduling > Appointment Type.

  2. The Edit Appointment Type window opens.

  3. Under Types of patients allowed to book, select the checkbox New Patients and/or Existing Patients.

    📌 Note: If neither option is selected, it won't appear for eBooking.

  4. Click Submit.

There are many other configurations that can be set up for eBooking, such as presenting issues or restricting what providers the patient can book with. For more information, refer to Setting up and customizing eBooking for your clinic.

📌 Note: If eBooking wasn’t configured or customized by the TELUS Health team when your clinic was first implemented with the CHR, you can set up eBooking yourself at any time. You can change your eBooking settings if new providers join your clinic or you need to modify or add eBooking appointment types and reasons.

Updated December 07, 2022

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