Your patients can self-book appointments using the following TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) patient applications:

  • The appointment booking site: Where patients can book appointments and self-register as new patients

  • The patient portal: Where patients can book appointments, view and respond to messages from your clinic, and view and manage their upcoming appointments

  • The UpPatient app: Where patients can do everything they can from the patient portal, and view and complete unfinished Qnaires, from their mobile device

You allow patients to self-book appointments by enabling online booking for at least one appointment type (see Creating and modifying appointment types.) You can permit new patients, existing patients, or both to book appointments (see Setting appointment types to require approval when booked through eBooking).

If your clinic has more than two presenting issues (reason for visits) configured, you can require patients to select a presenting issue during the online booking process. See Requiring patients to select an appointment reason when booking.

You can require that all appointments booked online be reviewed and confirmed by staff before they're officially booked. See Setting appointment types to require approval when booked through eBooking).

You can allow patients to book only with their primary provider, or to book with any available provider that offers the selected appointment type. See Setting which provider(s) patients can book an appointment with via eBooking.

If your clinic has multiple locations, you can:

Updated August 30, 2021

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