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TELUS Collaborative Health Record Connect
TELUS Collaborative Health Record Connect
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Patients can use the TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) Connect app to connect with your clinic. TELUS CHR Connect enables patients to:

Patients can access CHR Connect via the desktop version ( or by downloading the app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Refer to our patient-facing article on how to get started: TELUS Collaborative Health Record Connect (for patients).

Clinic Profile

Patients can view and confirm their demographics. If needed, they can update their preferred name, gender identity and preferred pronouns directly in CHR Connect. The patient's gender identity, preferred name and preferred pronouns will automatically update in the CHR. For all other demographics, such as sex, age, and phone number, patients are prompted to contact you and your account phone number and email are provided. For more information, refer to Updating your clinic's account information.


Patients can book appointments using your existing online booking configuration. For more information, refer to Overview of eBooking.

In addition, patients can view details for past and future appointments, and start a scheduled virtual visit. The patient sees the following information associated with their appointment. They don’t see cancelled appointments.



Upcoming and Previous tabs

When viewing appointments, the Upcoming and Previous tabs are displayed and appointments are categorized according to date.

📌 Note: If you do not close a pathway card, the virtual visit appointment stays in Upcoming for 24 hours after the appointment time.


Shows the appointment date, type and provider.

Does not show the presenting issue.

Visit Time

Shows the appointment date, time and length.


Shows Virtual visit or, for physical appointments, shows the location address.

To update the location address, refer to Creating and modifying clinic locations.

📌 Note: Location does not show if using the app on a mobile device.


Connected to the appointment time or status in the CHR. For example, Being seen and In room show as In progress, Action required shows as Action required, Arrived shows as Checked In, Visit Completed and Note Signed show as Completed etc.

Confirmation Required shows as Confirmation Required and allows patients to confirm or decline their appointment directly in CHR Connect.

If the appointment time has passed it’s shown as Closed and moves to the Previous tab. If it is a virtual visit and the pathway card is not closed, the appointment stays in the Upcoming tab and the appointment status is displayed for 24 hours.

View, Join virtual visit and Check In

View: patients can see more information about their appointment, cancel or change the appointment, and fill out any required Qnaires.

When the virtual visit pathway card is open, or 5 minutes before the visit is scheduled, Join virtual visit replaces View and allows the patient to start their visit.

📌 Note: If the pathway card is opened before the visit time, the patient sees Join virtual visit and can join the visit early.

Check In shows one hour before a physical visit. When a patient clicks Check In, the appointment status in the CHR is updated to Arrived.


All new messages you send to your patients appear in the Messages tab of their Inbox. The patient is notified of new messages via their preferred notification method (email, SMS or push notification). A yellow circle also appears on the Inbox tab showing the number of unread messages.

Patients can write Drafts and view Archived messages from within the Inbox. Messages are never archived automatically; the patient must manually click Archive, and they can Restore archived messages if needed.

Updated June 12, 2023

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