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Setting a patient's preferred notification method
Setting a patient's preferred notification method
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You can select the method in which a patient prefers to receive communications such as appointment notifications and Qnaires. The options are None, Email and SMS, Email Only, SMS Only.

📌 Note: Make sure to ask the patient what their preferred method of notification is. If they are fine with just email, select Email Only. You can send an unlimited number of email messages for free. Sending SMS messages can come at a cost. For more information, see SMS overage charges.


  1. From the dashboard view of the patient's chart, click Update Information in the top-right. An Update Patient window opens.

  2. Under Notification, choose the patient's preferred notification method from the list. The default is Email Only.

  3. Depending on the notification method you have selected, ensure the Email Address or Cell Phone are recorded.

  4. Click Save.

📌 Note: If your patient clicks unsubscribe at the bottom of a clinic email that they received, their preferred notification method (Email and SMS or Email) in their chart changes automatically to only SMS or None.

Updated November 30, 2022

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