If you attach one or more pre-visit Qnaires to an appointment type, when you book that appointment type for a patient, the pre-visit Qnaire(s) are automatically linked to the appointment and assigned to the patient. During the booking process you can then remove any auto-assigned Qnaires that aren't required.

Also, if a patient selects this appointment type when booking an appointment online, they're prompted to complete the attached pre-visit Qnaire(s) as part of the booking process.

If you want a certain provider to review Qnaire responses prior to any appointments with this appointment type, you can choose to have Qnaire responses appear in a specific provider's CHR inbox. If no provider inbox is selected, Qnaire responses are sent to the default (assigned provider's) inbox.

📌 Note: During the booking process, front-end staff can modify who is to receive responses from the attached Qnaires. See Managing pre-visit Qnaires for an appointment.


1. From the CHR Settings, edit or add the appointment type. See Creating and modifying appointment types.

2. In the Edit Appointment Type or New Appointment Type window, click the Pre-Visit Qnaire tab.

3. To add a Qnaire, click + Add Qnaire, and then search for and select the Qnaire.

4. To have Qnaire responses appear in a provider CHR inbox that's different from the default provider:

(a) Beside the Qnaire, click the tray icon. A list of providers opens.

(b) Search for and select the provider.

5. When you're finished attaching Qnaires, click Submit.

Last updated: April 2021

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