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Attaching post-visit Qnaires to appointment types
Attaching post-visit Qnaires to appointment types
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If you want patients to complete Qnaires following certain types of appointments, you can use post-visit reminders to assign them Qnaires automatically.

For example, you may want to send a post-visit Qnaire to receive feedback about the service your clinic provided immediately after the visit, or providers may want to get feedback about the patient's pain a few hours after their appointment.

⚠️ Important: Post-visit Qnaires are automatically sent to patients at the configured date and time when you change the appointment status to Visit Completed or Note Signed.

💡 Tip: You can also attach pre-visit Qnaires for patients to complete before a visit. See Attaching pre-visit Qnaires to appointment types.


  1. From the main menu, click Settings > Scheduling > Appointment Type.

  2. Click an existing appointment type or add a new one. See Creating and modifying appointment types.

  3. In the Edit Appointment Type or New Appointment Type window, click the Reminder tab. A list of the current reminders displays.

  4. To add a post-visit Qnaire to an existing reminder, click the gear icon next to the reminder template.

  5. To add a new reminder click New Reminder Note. For more information, see Customizing appointment reminders for an appointment type.

  6. Under When, select any period after the appointment to add a post-visits Qnaire.

    A Qnaire section appears

  7. Click No Qnaire Selected and search for and select the post visits Qnaire(s) to add to the appointment.
    📌 Note: You can select multiple Qnaires. To remove one, click X next to it.

  8. Click Save. The Edit Appointment Type window appears.

  9. Click Submit.

Updated January 16, 2022

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