By default, an automated reminder is set up for all appointment types. Reminders are sent to patients 1 Day Prior to the appointment. You can customize each appointment type to send an automated reminder at a specific day & time and with or without a Qnaire. You can also add or edit the reminder for individual appointments (see Managing appointment reminders for a single appointment).

Reminders are sent only if an appointment status is Confirmed, Booked, Rescheduled, or Action Required. They can be sent before or after an appointment.

For each appointment type, you can:

  • Customise the message text (see Customizing appointment notifications for patients) and Additional Comments that appear in automated appointment reminder messages that patients receive via SMS and email.

  • Customise when and how often reminders are sent.

  • Add Qnaires to pre and post-visit reminders.

📌 Note: During the appointment booking process, front-end staff can manually modify these reminders if needed. See Managing appointment reminders for a single appointment.


1. From the main menu, click Settings > Scheduling > Appointment Type.

2. Click the appointment type to edit. For more information, see Creating and modifying appointment types. The Edit Appointment Type window appears.

3.Click the Reminder tab. A list of the appointment type's current reminders displays.

4. Perform one of the following actions:

  • To edit a reminder, click the gear icon. The Edit Additional Reminder Note window opens.

  • To add a new reminder (for example, if you want a second reminder to go out a a few hours before the appointment), click New Reminder Note. The New Additional Reminder Note window opens.

5. Use the following table to customise the appointment reminder.




Type a reminder name that differentiates it from other reminders for this appointment type.

📌 Note: This name is not visible to patients.

Message (Optional)

To add a custom message to the reminder notification (for example, prep instructions), type the message here.

This message appears in the Additional Comments area of the message.


To add Qnaire(s) to the reminder, click No Qnaire Selected. Search for and select Qnaires from the list.

📌 Note: If an appointment status changes to Confirmed, Booked, Rescheduled or Action Required after the reminder is due to be sent, the reminder is not sent to the patient but the Qnaire is added as a pre-visit Qnaire. For example, the reminder is set to be sent out 1 day prior to an appointment but the appointment is only confirmed 2 hours before the visit.


From the list, select when the reminder must be sent (relative to the appointment). For example, 1 day prior.


Select the time of day the reminder must be sent.

6. To customize the main message text, navigate to the Notifications settings, select the Appointment Type, and then modify the Appointment Reminder message(s). See Customizing appointment notifications for patients.

7. Click Save.

Updated January 16, 2022

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