Customized and Automated Appointment Notifications can be sent to Patients and Practitioners, via email or text messages.

It is advised that clinics makes use of email notifications and only use text messages for unique cases. See the following link for more details:

Customizing Appointment Notifications for Patients:

  • Navigate to the Settings Icon and select "Notifications" from the settings menu.

  • Appointment Notifications can be customized for Patients

  • To set up or change a specific notification, Click on "Default" under either the EMAIL or SMS Column.

  • The Customize Email Notification/ SMS Notification window will open

  • You are now able to customize the specific notification selected.

  • To customize a Notification by Appointment Type, select the Appointment Type from the drop down menu.

  • All of the Notifications can now be customized for the Selected Appointment Type.

For Information on how to configure Practitioner Appointment Notifications, see the following link:

Notification Customization:

Patient Actions: relates to any Qnaires that would be sent to the Patient including the link.

Location information: lists the location the Patient will be seen at.

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