You can send any Qnaire(s) instantly to a patient. For example, a patient calls stating they did not receive the pre-visits Qnaire associated to their appointment, you can send the Qnaire immediately to them.


  1. From the patient's chart, click Start/Open > Send Qnaire.

    A Select Inbox window appears

  2. Search for and select a provider. This selected provider receives the Qnaire responses in their CHR inbox. See Viewing Qnaire responses in your inbox.

  3. If you have folders configured (see Organising Qnaires into folders), a Select Folder window appears. Select a folder.

  4. Search and select one or multiple Qnaires.

    📌 Note: The Qnaire you select first is numbered with a one and is first in line for the patient to complete.

  5. Click Next.
    A Select a Receiving Device window opens. Depending on the patient preferences under Demographic information, none, both or only one device is selected.

  6. Select (blue) / deselect (greyed out) the devices you want to send the Qnaire to.

  7. To change any of the above selections, click Back.

  8. Click Next.

    A Sent successfully window appears.

  9. Click Close.

Created: January 12, 2022

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