You can set a date and time that the system automatically sends a Qnaire to your patient. For example, if you want to see how a patient manages their pain after one week of treatment, a Qnaire can be sent to them automatically in one week. You can configure who receives the patient's responses.

Scheduled (or automated follow-up) Qnaires can be sent from the patient's chart, or from the patient's encounter note (see Recording encounter notes). They can also be configured in encounter templates. See Creating encounter templates.

You can also send Qnaires to your patients on a recurring basis at a pre-defined interval. For example, you can create a schedule for the system to automatically send an Anxiety Self-Assessment Qnaire to your patient every week so that you can track their progress over time. See Setting up recurring Qnaires.

If after a certain period the patient did not complete the Qnaire, the system can automatically send a reminder to the patient.

You can also notify a user if after a defined period, the patient did not complete the sent Qnaire. The notification appears in the selected users' CHR Inbox.


1. To create a scheduled Qnaire

  • From the patient chart, click Start/Open > Scheduled Qnaires.

  • From within an encounter, under Automated Follow-Up, click + Add Follow-Up Qnaire.

2. Under Scheduled Questionnaire, click + New Schedule.
A New Scheduled Questionnaire window opens.

3. Complete the fields using the below table:

Delivery Time and Delivery Date

Select the time and date the scheduled Qnaire must send.

Delivery Method

Select the method in which the patient prefers to receive Qnaires.

Options are Patient Preference (according to their demographic information), Both, SMS, Email.


Select the provider to receive the Qnaire responses in their inbox.

Leave blank if you do not want to receive a notification.

4. Click +Add to search for and select the Qnaire(s).

5. If you want to send a patient reminder when the patient does not complete the Qnaire:

a. Click the Advanced tab.
b. Under Patient Reminder heading, select the time period after the Qnaire was sent when the system must send the reminder.
📌 Note: In the first field, you can enter any number, and in the second field, select Minutes(s), Hour(s), or Day(s).

c. To delete the reminder, click the trash can icon.

6. To set up an alert for yourself or another user if the patient has not completed the scheduled Qnaire, in the New Scheduled Questionnaire or Edit Scheduled Questionnaire window,

a. Click the Advanced tab.

b. Under Internal Clinic Reminder (optional), select the period after the Qnaire sent when the user must receive the alert.
📌 Note: In the first field, you can enter any number and in the second field, select Minutes(s), Hour(s), or Day(s).

c. Select a provider from the Practitioner list.

e. To delete the alert, click the trash can icon.

7. Click Save.

The saved scheduled Qnaire appears under the Scheduled Questionnaire section.

📌 Notes:

  • To customise the view, click the gear icon.

  • To delete the configured scheduled Qnaire, under the Action column, click the trash can icon.

Updated June 6, 2022

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