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Managing pre-visit Qnaires for an appointment
Managing pre-visit Qnaires for an appointment

Assign Qnaires to patients when booking an appointment or remove existing Qnaires

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When booking an appointment, any pre-visit Qnaires that are attached to the appointment type or presenting issue are automatically linked to the appointment and assigned to the patient. You can also manually add pre-visit Qnaires to an appointment or remove any auto-assigned Qnaires that aren't required.


1. In the appointment booking window, click the Pre-Visit Qnaires tab (icon that looks like a book).

2. Any Qnaires that were assigned based on the appointment type or presenting issue appear.

3. To remove a Qnaire that isn't necessary, click the x icon.

4. To add a Qnaire, click +Add.

a) If necessary, select a folder, and then type the text to search for in the Search field.

b) Select the Qnaire from the list of matches.

c) Repeat to add any other Qnaires the patient should complete before this appointment.

💡 Tip: If you add a Qnaire after the appointment confirmation has already been sent, you may want to create a new custom reminder to ensure the patient receives the new Qnaire before their appointment. For more information, see Managing appointment reminders for a single appointment.

5. To change who should receive the Qnaire responses, click the tray icon. A list of providers appears; search for and select the provider from the list.

6. Click Save.

Updated December 24, 2021

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