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Overview of virtual visits using Pathways

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The TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) virtual visits enable you to schedule and conduct a virtual video visit and live chat with a patient.

When patients contact you to book an appointment, you schedule a virtual visit by selecting Virtual Visit as the type of visit. You must also have a current email address or phone number for the patient recorded in the patient demographics, so they can receive the virtual visit invitation. For more information, see Booking a virtual visit.

Patients will receive an email and/or SMS message with a button they can click to attend the virtual visit, along with an access code. In order to log into the visit, the patient must enter their surname and the access code. See Attending a virtual visit with your provider (for patients).

💡 Tip: You can customize the default text that is sent to the patient, go to, Customizing notification templates.

Using Pathways, you can track the patient as they move through phases in your clinic workflow. You can also assign tasks to staff and to patients, assign tags, and send a chat message to the patient. For more information, see Pathways.

At the time of the appointment, the provider opens the chart and starts the visit from the active Pathway for that patient. For more information, see Starting a virtual visit.

The provider can document the visit in the encounter as they normally do. For more information, see Conducting and ending a virtual visit.

Before using virtual visits, ensure you meet the requirements. For more information, see Requirements for using virtual visits.

Updated December 17, 2021

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