Pathways is a way for your clinic to better manage your visits, be it physical or virtual. If you do not have this setting enabled, please reach out to the support team to discuss it!

To access Pathways, you will have to click on the House icon at the top of the navigation bar on the left:

Pressing this button will open the kanban style board of all Pathway appointments to your right, like so:


This view has a lot of different components. Each will be handled in a separate article. Initially, you will notice patients under different columns. In the example above, there are three different columns or as we will refer to them, Phases. Each phase can be customized to house different actions that the provider or patient must complete before moving forward.

More information on Phases can be found here.


Pathway works very similarly to the schedule where you can filter based on a location, Physical or Virtual. This is all handled with the Filter at the top of your view.

Clicking the filter will give you options on what patients you will see based on if their appointment is with a specific physician, what location it is in, certain contents, and other settings.

More information on Filters for Pathways can be found here.

Adding to the Pathway

You can add appointments or patients to pathways using the + ADD button in the top right corner, or by using one of the + buttons on the phases:

This will bring up a dialogue asking if you want to add to the Pathway or Phase from an appointment or without an appointment.

If you choose With Appointment, you will be able to choose an appointment from any day or location to add to the Pathway. The view is somewhat similar to what the Visit Screen looks like but differs slightly.

By default, you will see appointments from today, but you can filter to look at different days or even search for the patient from the list that is currently visible.

If you are adding a patient using the Without Appointment option, you will have to search the patient. Once you have selected the correct patient, you will be prompted to choose if it's either a Physical or Virtual visit. You will also have to select the Presenting Issue. These are all required.

Using Pathways

To start using Pathways, you can click on any of the patients. This will immediately open up their chart. You will notice something different, and this is Pathway dialogue on the left-hand side of your screen.

It will allow you to handle all of the Staff Tasks, Patient Tasks, assign Tags, and even chat with the patient. Pathway now fully takes over how virtual visits happen within the system. No longer with you have to search through all of the virtual visits to find the right one. Once you choose it out of your Pathway you will have the option to chat and start a video call with them! (only if the visit is virtual).

More on using Pathways can be found here.

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