What is pathways and how do you utilize it for your clinic?

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Pathways is a way for your clinic to better visualize, track and streamline your visits, be it physical or virtual.

If your domain does not have pathways enabled, you must first contact TELUS Health to have this function enabled and configured in your CHR domain. You may also require additional training. Contact the TELUS Health account management team at If you already use pathways and need assistance, contact the TELUS Health support team through the support chat (see Contact us).

Pathways enables you to view and move patients through various phases of care, or care pathways, within your clinic workflow using pathway cards. Depending on your workflow, pathway cards are either patient cards or appointment cards, however, they are essentially the same; the term patient card refers to a pathway card that is not linked to an appointment.

💡 Tip: You can change what information shows in your Pathways to better suit the needs of your clinic (see Customizing your view of Pathways).

You can securely engage with patients from within the pathway card, including:

To access pathways, from the main menu, click Pathways.

The main view of pathways is a kanban-style board, showing all your open pathway cards distributed across multiple columns. Each column represents a different phase of the pathway (see Viewing pathways). When you move a pathway card to a new phase (via a configured transition) you or the patient may be required to complete pre-defined tasks. Tasks are actions, such as staff starting an encounter note, or the patient reading a text-based document (see Actions available for Pathway Cards).

For example, when a virtual visit is booked, 15 minutes before the appointment time the pathway card automatically moves to the pre-visit phase of the pathway. When the patient logs in, using the chat, staff greets them using the chat and reminds them to complete the assigned pre-visit Qnaires. From the virtual visit, the patient completes the required pre-visit Qnaires. Staff then moves the pathway card to the visit phase. The provider conducts the virtual visit with the patient. Once completed the provider uses the completed transition to complete the visit. The pathway card is removed from pathways.

TELUS Health sets a default configuration. You can further customize your pathways to better meet the needs of your clinic, see Customizing pathways for your clinic.

Updated June 24, 2022

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