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Assigning tasks and tags to your Pathway card
Assigning tasks and tags to your Pathway card
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You can add staff tasks, patient tasks, and tags to a patient's card in a Pathway. These can be added automatically via a transition or manually, before, during, or after a virtual visit. These tools are designed to help improve patient care and clinic flow without having to leave the virtual visit or the patient's chart.

For example, you may want staff to obtain consent from the patient before starting the visit, or you may want to ask the patient to view a handout or video related to the condition they're reporting.

Similar to appointment tags, tags on a Pathway card or virtual visit allow you to highlight important characteristics related to the visit. Pathway tags are not saved to the patient chart.

For more information on tasks and tags and how to configure them, see :


1. Open the patient's chart to view the Pathway.

2. From the Tasks & Tags tab, click + Assign tasks or + Assign tags.

3. In the window that appears, select a task or tag from the list and click Assign.

4. Alternatively, you can automatically assign tasks and tags to the pathway card via a transition (see Configuring transitions for your Pathways).

You can see the assigned tasks and tags at a glance, and whether they were completed. Tasks assigned to patients appear in the Chat panel when the patient joins the visit.

💡 Tip: To mark a task as complete, click the checkmark icon.

Updated June 30, 2022

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