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Creating Patient Actions for your Pathways
Creating Patient Actions for your Pathways
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Patient Actions are tasks for a patient to complete. Patients are assigned the task(s) during the virtual visit. For more information, see Assigning tasks and tags to a virtual visit.

When a patient is assigned a task, in the virtual visit, a link to complete the task appears at the top of the chat and a red circle indicator shows on the Tasks tab.

The available patient actions are:

  • Read a patient content: Provide the patient with information to read, which you upload in the Patient Contents section (see Creating Patient Contents for your Pathways Virtual Visits).

  • Watch a video: Provide a video link for the patient to watch.

  • Complete Qnaires: Have patients fill out Qnaires during or before their visit. They can fill it out from the virtual chat.

  • Complete pre-visit Qnaire if required: If there are any pre-visit Qnaires attached to the appointment type that the patients did not fill out, they can do so from the virtual visit. To add pre-visit Qnaires to the appointment type, see Customising appointment reminders for an appointment type.

  • Upload files: Provide the patient the ability to upload files. Uploaded files must be JPG, PNG or PDF. The file will be saved to the Patient Files section of the patient chart. Under Maximum Files choose the exact number of files the patient should upload. Select any file Tags to apply to the saved file (see Configuring file tags).


  1. From the main menu, click Settings > Pathways > Patient Actions.

  2. Click Add Patient Action, or to edit an existing patient action click it. The Edit Patient Action window opens.

    💡 Tip: To delete a patient action, click the x.

  3. Type a Name.

  4. Select if it is Important.

    📌 Notes:

  5. From the Action list, select the action for the patient to complete and then enter the appropriate link or action details.

  6. Click Save.

Updated September 11, 2023

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