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Attending a virtual visit with your provider (for patients)
Attending a virtual visit with your provider (for patients)
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This article describes the steps patients follow to join a virtual visit with their provider. You can provide this as a resource for your patients.

Functions available during the virtual visit (turning camera off/on, muting yourself, etc.)

Preparing for your visit

Virtual visits may seem intimidating. As with most things, preparation is key. Here are a few tips to help ensure you make the most out of your appointment:

You will need:

  • A supported computer or mobile device with a web browser, camera, good quality speakers, and microphone (see below for supported operating systems and browsers)

  • An internet (wi-fi) or a phone data plan (for connections via mobile device)

  • A strong internet connection

  • An email account. You will receive an email 5 minutes before the appointment, with a link and code to join the visit.

Take a moment to jot down any questions you have or symptoms you want to discuss with your healthcare professional. It's a good idea to write down a few notes in advance to make the best use of your time during your virtual appointment.

Have a pen and paper handy in case you want to take notes from your visit.

Consider having someone join you. Depending on the type of visit, it may be helpful to have a family member, trusted friend or caregiver sit in to take notes or raise concerns in case you forget something.

Supported operating systems and browsers

Laptop/desktop computer (Mac or Windows)

Google Chrome

Mobile device (phone/tablet) - iOS (Apple)


📌 Chrome is not supported for virtual visits on iOS devices.

Mobile device (phone/tablet) - Android

Google Chrome

📌 Note: If you are not using a supported operating system and/or browser, you cannot attend a virtual visit. Please inform your provider of this prior to your scheduled appointment.

Attending the visit

It's time for your appointment. These steps will walk you through joining the virtual visit.

1. You will receive an email with a link to start the visit, along with an access code, 5 minutes before the scheduled appointment time. In the email, click Start Virtual Visit.

2. The Virtual Visit window opens in your web browser.

a) In the Access Code field, type the code provided in the email. It is not case-sensitive.

b) In the Last Name field, type your surname. (This must match the surname the clinic has recorded for you.)

c) Click Login.

3. Another window appears, showing the appointment information. Select the appointment.

4. Before you can enter the visit, you must complete the following steps:





Click Next.

Device check

The system will check that you are using a compatible browser, and if the webcam and microphone are accessible. Click Next.


If your webcam and microphone were not accessible, they appear with a grey x in the list, and you must click Request Permissions.

Your web browser will display a window requesting permission to use your microphone and camera. Click Allow.

💡 Tip: if you do not see this window appear requesting permission, click the lock icon at the top of the window next to the URL and allow the camera and microphone.

⚠️ Important: if you do not allow camera and microphone access, and select Proceed without video chat, you will not be able to see or hear your provider. You will be able to only send them a chat text message.

The two boxes will change to green with checkmarks.

Click Next.


Read the agreement and click Accept.

5. Wait for your provider to join the call. Don’t be concerned if you don’t see your healthcare professional on your screen when you “arrive” for your appointment. Just as in the clinic, you may have to wait a few minutes for the provider.

You will be able to see any chat messages the provider or staff sent to you, along with any tasks that need to be completed (such as filling out a questionnaire). Even if your provider has not joined the visit yet, you can use the Chat function to message them (but be aware they will not see the message until they open your chart and look at it).

6. Your healthcare provider can see when you have completed the above steps and are ready for the virtual visit. When the provider starts the visit, a window appears asking you to join the call. Click Accept.

7. You are now in a call with your provider. 📌 Note: do not worry if you cannot see your provider; they may not have turned their camera on yet. If this is the case, Audio Only appears on the screen.

Functions available during your virtual visit



Turn camera on/off

Click the video camera icon

Turn microphone off/on

Click the microphone icon

Speaker phone

If your device supports "speaker phone" click the speaker phone icon to turn it on.

💡 Tip: Turn on the speaker phone if the volume is low.

Leave the visit

Click the red [-> icon

⚠️ Important: Once you have left the virtual visit, you are not able to return to the visit unless your provider initiates the call again.

In addition to controlling the audio and video, you can send a chat text message to the provider, view and complete any assigned tasks, and view the visit information. Select the appropriate tab at the top of the virtual visit window.




Send and receive text messages between you and your provider, or clinic staff.

Type your message in the message box at the bottom of the window.

Click the blue > icon to send the message.


List of tasks that your provider has assigned for you to complete. Types of tasks are:

  • Complete Qnaire(s)

  • Read content

  • Upload file(s)

  • Watch video

Click on the specific task to complete it.

Once a task has been completed, you will see a blue checkmark next to the task.

Visit Info

You can see the details of your current visit:

  • Date of your appointment

  • Time of your appointment

  • Scheduled length of your appointment

  • Name of the healthcare provider this visit is booked with.

Ending the visit

When your provider ends the visit, a message appears that All participants have left. Video chat has ended. The virtual visit window remains open in your web browser, in case you need to refer back to any chat messages or complete any outstanding tasks. Once you are finished, you should close the virtual visit window.

Updated July 22, 2021

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