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Attending virtual visits through TELUS CHR Connect (for patients)
Attending virtual visits through TELUS CHR Connect (for patients)
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Five minutes before your virtual visit, you receive an email or SMS notification. Or, if you are using the TELUS CHR Connect app, the Join virtual visit icon appears next to the appointment.

These prompt you to join your visit. Once you've joined the visit, you can communicate with your provider using the text-based chat or video and audio.

⚠️ Important: If you want to use a cell phone, or tablet, you must first download the CHR Connect app. For more information, refer to TELUS Collaborative Health Record Connect (for patients). If you are not able to download the app, you should use a computer.


  1. Based on your communication preference, start your virtual visit:

    • From the email, select Start CHR Connect Virtual Visit.

    • From the SMS, select the provided URL.

    • From the CHR Connect app, navigate to your appointment in the Appointments page.

      • Select Join virtual visit, and proceed to step 3.

        💡 Tip: If you are early, you can select View and then select Join virtual visit.

  2. If you connected from the email or SMS, enter the access code provided in the notification and select Log In.

    • Select to acknowledge the terms and conditions, and then select Continue.

  3. Click to turn on your Microphone or Camera. Or select Continue without video chat to use only the chat feature.

    📌 Note: You may need to allow permissions. For help refer to Virtual visit troubleshooting (for patients).

  4. Select Join Now.

    • If your provider has already joined, your visit starts.

    • If your provider has not joined, you see a Please wait for your provider to join screen. Once your provider joins, the visit starts.

    💡 Tips:

    • Once the call starts, you may need to click to start your microphone and camera again.

    • You may have required tasks to complete. Refer to Completing tasks in your CHR Connect Virtual visit (for patients).

    • To toggle your video or microphone off and on, select the microphone and video icons at the bottom.

    • To send a message to the provider, on the right-side, select the chat field, type your message and select enter or the send icon.

  5. When your visit is complete, select the red End Call icon.

Updated May 12, 2023

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