Overview of the patient portal
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The patient portal is one of three patient-focused applications that come included with the TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR). Through the Patient Portal, your patients can:

Patients can access the patient portal using a URL similar to your clinic's CHR login URL, but with /portal at the end (for example, https://clinic.inputhealth.com/portal). Patients are also invited (via email or text message) to log into the patient portal when you send them patient portal messages. See Sending messages to patients on the patient portal.

From a patient's CHR chart, you can send a message - along with chart information, lab results, forms, and other files - to them through the patient portal (see Sending messages to patients on the patient portal).

To customize the text on your patient portal site, see Customizing the text on your patient portal.

To enable patient portal for your CHR, contact the TELUS Health support team through the in-app support bubble. See Contact us.

Created October 18, 2021

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