Before sending a patient portal message, ensure the patient portal is enabled for both the clinic and patients. See Enabling the patient portal.

📌 Note: Only the clinic can send the first message. When patients respond, they cannot upload any attachments to the conversation. Also, when you close the conversation, patients can no longer respond to the conversation.


  1. From the patient's chart, click Start/Open > Message Patient.

    A New Message window appears.

  2. Complete the message:

    a. (Optional) If you clinic has a message template configured (See Creating a message template), click Template to select a template to auto-populate the message details.

    b. (Optional) Click in the To: field to add additional clinic users.

    c. Click next to Title: to add a message subject.

    d. Click in the white box and type the text of your message.
    💡 Tip: You can format your text/ words with bold, italics, strike-though, underline, add bullet points. Tables, text indents and text alignment can also be added.

    e. Click +Add Attachment to attach a file.
    📌 Note: Attachments can be any file in the patient chart (including but not limited to, lab requisitions / results, forms, encounter notes, invoices, training/educational videos, qnaire data.) or a file uploaded directly from your device.

    f. Select if you want to Allow patient to respond to this conversation. This box will already be checked if you have enabled the patient conversation responses.

  3. Click Submit to send the message to the patient.

Updated: May 31, 2021

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