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Configuring eBooking
Setting up and customizing eBooking for your clinic
Setting up and customizing eBooking for your clinic
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eBooking – the ability for your patients to self-book appointments online – is included as part of your TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) software.

You can activate eBooking at any time by enabling one or more appointment types for eBooking (see Creating and modifying appointment types), and then enabling these appointment types to be booked in provider schedules via working hours (see Adding and modifying a schedule's standard working hours).

Through clinic-wide eBooking settings, appointment type settings, scheduling hours, appointment notifications and custom text, you can customize the eBooking functionality to optimize your clinical workflows and enhance your patients' experience.

Job aid: eBooking Configuration

A visual summary of the relationship between the settings that make up eBooking and where in the system you can configure them.


1. Review and customize your clinic-wide eBooking settings.

2. If your clinic has multiple locations, select the locations where patients can book at and, optionally, add clinic descriptions or group locations together. See Setting up multiple locations for eBooking.

📌 Note: The eBooking appointment time zone pulls from the location's time zone, if the location time zone is not configured, the account time zone is used.

3. Add new appointment types for eBooking or set up any of your current appointment types for eBooking. See Creating and modifying appointment types.

📌 Note: You enable an appointment type for eBooking by selecting New Patients and/or Existing Patients beside Types of patients allowed to book. If neither option is selected, it won't appear for eBooking.

4. On each provider schedule, add or modify working hours so they allow appointment types that are set up for eBooking to be booked during desired times. See Setting up a provider schedule for eBooking.

5. If you want to require patients to select a primary reason for their visit:

    b) Add or modify the presenting issues you want patients to choose from.

📌 Note: You make a presenting issue visible for eBooking by "allowing services" (i.e. by selecting Appointment Types in the Services area) that are enabled for eBooking.

8. If providers want their biography to display for patients, either ask providers to update their biography via their profile settings, or update their biography for them.

💡 Tip: For more eBooking tips and tricks, check out our CHR Webinar: Optimising your appointment booking workflow.

Updated August 26, 2022

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