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Setting the clinic name and address patients see during eBooking
Setting the clinic name and address patients see during eBooking
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When patients book appointments online, they see your clinic's name and address when prompted to select a clinic location (for multi-location clinics).

They also see this information when they receive notifications regarding their booking (if show location is enabled for the appointment type).

You can modify what information appears for patients in each location's settings.


1. From the main menu, click Settings.

2. Select Scheduling and then, under Scheduling Settings, click Locations. If your clinic has multiple locations that share the same CHR system, a list of locations display. Otherwise, your single clinic name displays.

3. Select the location you want to update or, to add a new location, click Add Location (see Creating and editing clinic locations.) The Update Location window opens.

4. Using the following table, set or modify the clinic name or contact information for eBooking.

📌 Note: If you don't want a particular part of the address to display (for example, the country), leave the field blank. However, a map will not be included with the patient notifications if don't fill out all the fields (with the exception of Address Line 2).




Enter the location name.


In the list, select Yes.

Address Line 1

Enter the location street address.

📌 Note: To include a map in the patient notification, use your official Canada Post address.

Address Line 2

Enter the second line of the location address.


Enter the location's city.


Enter the province, state or region.


Enter the country.

ZIP/Postal Code

Enter the zip or postal code.

5. Click Save.

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Updated December 20, 2021

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