If your clinic has multiple locations, during eBooking, when patients select a clinic location to book at, you can choose if your clinic locations display in groups. For example, you can list your general practice clinics under one group and your paediatric-specific clinics under another group.

📌 Note: Each location can be assigned to only one group.


1. On the main menu, click Settings.

2. Select Scheduling and then, under Schedule Settings, click Locations. If your clinic has multiple locations that share the same CHR system, a list of locations display. Otherwise, your single clinic name displays.

3. Select the location you want to update or add a group for. The Update Location window opens.

4. In the ONLINE BOOKING GROUP LABEL field, type the group name.

5. Click Save.

6. Repeat the above steps for each location.

Tags: e-booking, online booking

Updated April 2021

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