When registered patients self-book appointments, at the end of the booking process, they're prompted to verify their name, date of birth, gender information, and contact details. At this stage, you can also prompt them to verify or select their Primary Practitioner.

You can choose to either show or hide this field. You can also choose if filling it in is required or optional. You must set these options individually for each appointment type.


1. From the main menu, click Settings > Scheduling and edit or add the appointment type. See Creating and modifying appointment types.

2. In the Edit Appointment Type or New Appointment Type window, under Practitioner Search at Patient Registration Step, select one of the following options:

  • Disable: To hide the field—restricting patients from viewing and modifying their primary provider.

  • Visible: To allow patients to view and modify their primary provider.

3. If Visible is selected, but you want to allow patients to choose from only certain providers, click all practitioners selected, and then select the providers.

4. If Visible is selected but you want the field to be required to fill in, select the Required to select a practitioner checkbox.

5. At the bottom of the window, click Submit.

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Updated January 6, 2022

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