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Auto-assigning appointment times when patients self-book appointments
Auto-assigning appointment times when patients self-book appointments
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You can set your patient eBooking site to auto-assign the next available appointment date and time to patients when they self-book a certain appointment type. This is handy if you want to see these patients as soon as possible, as earlier appointment slots must be filled before patients can book later appointment slots.

When this option is set, patients do not see an option to select an appointment date or time. Instead, during the confirmation phase of the booking process, the appointment Date & Time displays as TBD.

Once patients confirm or submit their appointment request, in the confirmation window, their assigned appointment time is provided. Patients can't choose an alternative appointment time. They also can't change or cancel their appointment.

📌 Note: This is different from stacking appointments, which you set up from each schedule's standard and flexible working hours. When you enable stacking, when patients search for available appointments and they select a date, only the first available appointment on that day is available as an option (without allowing the patient to select a time). See Enabling appointment stacking for eBooking.


1. From the main menu, click Settings > Scheduling and edit or add the appointment type. See Creating and modifying appointment types.

2. In the Edit Appointment Type or New Appointment Type window, under Auto Assigning Appointment Time, select one of the following options:

  • Disable: To not auto-assign appointment times

  • Enable: To auto-assign appointment times

3. At the bottom of the window, click Submit.

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Updated January 6, 2022

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