In Ontario, if you have a health card swipe reader, you can swipe the patient’s card to easily add the patient. If the patient already exists, you can swipe their health card to quickly find them and update their demographic information or open the patient dashboard.


  1. When viewing Patients, click the health card icon at the top right.

  2. When the Read Patient ID Card window appears, swipe the patient's health card.

  3. The patient's information is displayed.

    đŸ“Œ Note: if the patient already exists in the system, you are notified there is a patient with the same identification. Click the pencil icon to update the patient's information, or the chart icon to open the patient dashboard.

  4. Click Register This Patient to add this patient as a new patient.

  5. The Register New Patient window opens, with the information populated from the health card (name, date of birth, sex, and OHIP number).

  6. Complete the remaining fields to add the new patient. For more information, see Adding a patient.

Updated April 20, 2021

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