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CHR Release Notes - version 21.03
CHR Release Notes - version 21.03

April 20, 2021

Updated over a week ago


Take note of the two improvements we have added to our platform!

1. Settings for Groups were moved to a different section in the CHR Settings

The settings that allow you to add/edit User Groups can now be found under Settings > Account > Groups.

For more information on the above feature, refer to our help article, Creating User Groups.

2. Standardization of patient identification

We have moved towards the standardization of patient identification by implementing an automatic check for spaces, hyphens, and slashes in fields for patient identifications. You will see a validation error, if an invalid character was entered.

🐛 🔨 BUG FIXES 🐛 🔨

Below is a list of bugs we have identified and fixed in this release. Should you want any more detail on the issues below, please feel free to message us.

  • We fixed a design issue where parts of the patient demographic information disappeared on the faxed copy of prescriptions, when information in the header (preferred pharmacy contact, or physician’s license number) was too long.

  • We fixed an issue with PDF creation for medications attached to referrals. PDFs for medication attachments now create properly.

  • Patient portal accessibility is now automatically turned on for patients whose charts were created directly from the inbox (from files, labs, faxes), and the primary practitioner (set under Settings > Patient) is automatically applied as well.

  • Previously, when deleting a patient from a group visit, an empty encounter was created for the deleted patient when starting the group visit. This issue was fixed, and no encounter is created for patients that were deleted from the group visit.

👨‍💻 Known/Residual Bugs 👩‍💻

This is a list of known bugs that we have not quite gotten to but haven't forgotten about. Please reach out if you have any questions about this list.

Scheduled time of update: Evening of April 20th, 2021

No preparation is required by site users in advance of the update. All CHR update activities are managed by InputHealth via a zero-downtime rolling deployment in the CHR’s cloud infrastructure, which allows the system to operate without interruption of service during updates.

No data migration will be required as part of this update.

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