Any PDF that is faxed from within the CHR can be accommodated by a fax cover page. You will always see an Add Cover Page next to the Fax Button in your TELUS CHR account.

Steps (adding a cover page template):

  1. Click Add Cover Page
    A new window PDF Settings will appear

  2. Select a cover page that you want to use from the drop down menu. See Creating a cover page template.
    A new section appears

  3. You can select the following

Cover page autofill template

Default: Patient Data.

If you have a autofill template configured, you can select one:

a. Click +Select template.

b. Click on a specific template.

📌 Note: If you want to create an autofill template, see Creating an autofill fax cover page template.


Default is the one that is associated to the user.

Click to set a different location for your cover page.

CHR User

Default is the user that is logged in.

Click to set a different user.


Default is today's date.

Click to set a different date from the calendar for your cover page.


Click to select from a list of appointments scheduled (if applicable)


Click to set the recipient from your contacts list for the cover page.

  • Click in search field to search contact /facility, or

  • Click person icon to add new contact/ facility by


Click to set a referral used from your referral record for the cover page.

4. Click the feather icon to customize any further outstanding fields.

  • Type into any of the red text (data) boxes (custom text can be added to your pre-configured text boxes).

  • Click Drawing Mode if you need to draw anything.

  • Change any fields that have been auto-filled by clicking on it.

💡 Tip: If you have more than one cover page template configured in your CHR account and you want to save a specific cover page as your default one, select the Save as my default PDF settings checkbox.

5. Click Save.
The CHR will generate a PDF (cover page and content), ready to be sent out.

Updated: April 30, 2021

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