When you generate a PDF document within the TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR), you can choose to add a cover page in front of the document

  1. From the CHR, generate a PDF.
    The PDF Settings window appears.

  2. Select between no cover page (None) and configured cover page templates. See Creating cover page templates.

  3. If you select a cover page template, the PDF Settings window expands.

  4. Under cover page autofill templates, select from the following options:


Description/ Action

Autofill templates

Patient Data is selected by default and automatically populates the cover page.

If you have an autofill template configured and you want to use it, click +Select template and select one.

📌 Note: For more information, see Creating an autofill fax cover page template.


Defaults to the location that is associated to the user.

Click to set a different location for your cover page.

CHR User

Defaults to the user that is logged in.

Click to set a different user.


Default to today's date.

Click to select a different date (from a calendar) for your cover page.


If applicable, click to select from a list of appointments scheduled to autofill configured appointment data points in the cover page.


Click to set the recipient for the cover page.

  • Click on the Search field to search a contact or facility (click Facility), or

  • Click the person icon to add a new contact/ facility.


If applicable, click to select from a list of referrals to be used to autofill configured referral data points in the cover page.

5. If you have more than one cover page template configured in your clinic domain and you want to save a specific cover page as your default one, select the Save as my default PDF settings checkbox.

6. To modify the cover page, click on the feather icon, under Cover Page.

7. The selected cover page template appears.

  • If red text boxes are visible, click on them, type in the empty field box and click Apply.
    📌 Note: The red text boxes are pre-configured text boxes. See Creating cover page templates.

  • To draw anything on your cover page, click Drawing Mode.
    📌 Note: You can draw with Stroke, erase with the Eraser, select a Color and Size of the stroke as Clear all by using the drawing mode tools.

  • To change any text that have been auto-filled, click on the pre-configured text box, modify the text, and click Apply.

8. Once the cover page is complete, click Save. The CHR will generate a PDF (cover page and content), ready to be faxed.

Updated: August 10, 2021

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