If your clinic's appointment types are configured so that staff must manually review each appointment a patient requests via eBooking, any eBooked appointments appear in the Requested Appointments area of the schedule and are not booked until staff manually approve the appointment. For more information, see Setting appointment types to require approval when booked through eBooking.

You should regularly review and approve or reject requested appointments. Until the appointments are confirmed, other patients are prevented from requesting an appointment at that day and time.


1. From the main menu, click Schedules.

2. From the left of the schedule, review the list of Requested Appointments.

📌 Note: Staff can see requested appointments for all providers. A provider can see only their own requested appointments.

💡 Tip: Staff members can choose to view eBooking requests for specific schedules. When viewing filtered schedules, under Requested Appointments, click the Show filtered only toggle to only see eBooking requests for the selected schedules.

3. Select an appointment from the list. This opens the appointment on the schedule, on the date and time requested.

4. To confirm an appointment:

  • Make any necessary changes, such as modifying the time, and then click Confirm.

  • The notification sent to the patient includes the updated time, if you changed it.

  • The appointment status changes to Confirmed.

5. To reject an appointment:

  • Click Reject.

  • The notification sent to the patient indicates that the appointment was not accepted and suggests they request a new appointment.

  • The appointment status changed to Rejected. The appointment appears in grey in the schedule with a strike-through.

Updated November 09, 2022

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