You can record a patient's vitals and measurements in their chart without having to start or open an encounter. For example, if you're a nurse or front-end staff member who records a patient's height and weight prior to a provider seeing the patient, you can record these measurements in the Patient Data area of the patient's chart.

When a provider starts an encounter for the patient, as long as the provider has the Examination area set to display historical results, the measurements you entered appear at the top of the Examination area of the encounter.


1. Open the patient's chart.

2. In the Start/Open menu, choose Patient Data.

3. Beside Vitals, click Expand.

4. Click any of the vital or measurement names.

The Vitals entry window opens.

5. Beside each of the measurement(s) or vital(s) you want to record, click No Entry and then, in the entry area, type the value.

6. Click Save. The vitals and measurements are saved to the patient's chart with today's date.

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