If you regularly monitor your clinic's outgoing faxes, you can choose to enable the fax widget. The fax widget is an expandable dialog box located at the bottom right of your TELUS CHR screen. It allows you to view, resend and remove any successful, in progress and failed outgoing faxes without having to navigate to the Outbox area of the CHR.

If you find the dialog box cumbersome, you can choose to disable the fax widget.

📌 Note: This is a user-specific setting that is set by each user individually.


1. At the top of the TELUS CHR main menu, click your avatar image.

2. Click Profile. Your Profile Settings opens.

3. Scroll down to the User Preferences area.

4. Below Background Jobs Widget, choose to either Enable or Disable the fax widget.

5. At the bottom of the User Preferences area, click Save Preferences.

6. Refresh your browser window for the changes to take effect.

Updated July 7, 2021

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