Once you save prescriptions to your frequents list, (see Saving frequently-used prescriptions) you can quickly create a prescription by selecting a medication from your list of frequent medications. You can choose from your frequent medications list before starting a prescription, or while creating a prescription.

Also, in the prescription writer, when you search for a medication to prescribe, any matching frequent medications display at the top of the search results with a star. See Creating prescriptions.


1. In the Prescriptions area of an encounter, click the heart icon to Add Medication from Favourites (frequents).

Or, if you have started a new prescription, in the prescription dialog, select my frequents.

2. Select the checkbox beside the medication(s) you want to prescribe and click Save.

3. Make any necessary changes to the prescription details, such as dose, refills, and instructions.

4. Complete the prescription as you normally would. See Creating prescriptions and Signing prescriptions for more information.

Updated April 29, 2022

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