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Quickly adding a prescription during an encounter
Quickly adding a prescription during an encounter
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During an encounter, there are several options available to quickly prescribe a medication or treatment for a patient. These options save time by bypassing the Prescription Dialog, which is especially useful if you are prescribing one of your favourite prescriptions or renewing a prescription and don't need to make changes to the dosage or instructions, or if you are adding a single medication.

Using the icons in the Prescriptions section header, you can:

  • Add Medication from Favourites

  • Add from Patient's Existing Medications

  • Quickly Add a Single Medication

📌 Note: if you select more than one of these options to add a medication, each is a separate prescription (i.e. when you print, fax, or download a PDF). If the medications should be grouped together in one prescription, use +Add Prescription instead.


1. To Add Medication from Favourites, click the heart icon. Select the checkbox beside the medication(s) you want to prescribe and click Save.

2. To Add from Patient's Existing Medications, click the circled arrow icon. Select the checkbox beside the medications(s) you want to prescribe and click Save.

💡 Tip: You can immediately sign, print, fax, or download the PDF prescription instead of clicking Save.

3. To Quickly Add a Single Medication, click the lightning bolt icon. Search for the medication and complete the prescription as you normally would. Click Save.

📌Note: If you modify any part of the medication name in the medication search field, a banner appears at the top of the screen indicating the prescription name has changed. Any populated fields are highlighted in yellow. If the medication name is updated with a favourite medication, any fields where dosing information has changed will display a caution icon and you should review the information for accuracy. Click Clear to remove the data from the highlighted fields or Keep if the information still applies to the new medication; the selected option is also automatically applied to the Extra tab.

4. The selected medication(s) is added directly to the Prescriptions area in the encounter. From there, you can sign and send the prescription(s).

Updated July 17, 2023

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