Renewing medications from an encounter
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You can renew a patient's existing or past medications directly from the Prescriptions area of an encounter.


1. While in an encounter, in the Prescriptions section, click +Add Prescription.

2. In the Prescription Dialog, click this patient's medications to add a medication from the list.

💡 Tip: to quickly renew a medication without making any changes to the dose or instructions, you can bypass the Prescription Dialog by clicking Add from Patient's Existing Medications in the header of the Prescriptions section of the encounter. The selected medication(s) is added directly to the Prescriptions in the encounter. From there, you can sign and send the prescription.

3. In the Manage Medications window, a list of the patient's active medications displays. For each medication, you can view the dosage information and the start and end date from the latest prescription.

To renew a past medication, click All to view all medications ever prescribed or recorded for the patient.

4. Select the checkbox beside each medication you want to renew, or select the checkbox at the top of the window to select all the medications at once.

5. Click Save.

💡 Tip: If you do not wish to make any changes to the dose or instructions, you can sign and print, download, or fax the prescription by clicking the appropriate button at the bottom of the Manage Medications window, instead of saving the prescription.

6. The selected medications appear in the Prescription Dialog. From here, click Edit to make any changes to dose or instructions.

7. Complete the prescription by signing and sending the prescription. See Signing prescriptions for more information.

Updated August 25, 2021

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