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Searching for a patient in a Pathway
Searching for a patient in a Pathway
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In addition to customizing your view of a Pathway, you can also search for a patient to quickly find them. This is helpful if the Pathway is crowded and you are not sure what phase of the Pathway the patient is in.


1. From the main menu, click Pathways.

2. In the Select Patient... field in the top-left corner, begin typing the name of the patient.

3. As you type, any matching Pathways cards are highlighted (the rest of the screen is grey).

4. If there are more than one patient matching the text you typed, select the appropriate patient from the list of matches.

5. The window scrolls to the patient's card in the Pathway, and the card briefly bounces to bring your attention to it.

Updated December 24, 2021

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