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Booking appointments from referrals
Booking appointments from referrals

After you accept an incoming referral, book an appointment for the patient

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After you accept an incoming referral and a provider has availability in their calendar, you can book an appointment for a patient on your referral list or waitlist and notify the patient of their appointment.

Depending on the configuration of your referral statuses (see Configuring incoming referral statuses), when you change the status of an incoming referral to Accepted, you will be prompted to book an appointment and you may also be prompted to send an acceptance letter to the referring provider and archive the referral.


  1. From the main menu, click Referrals and then click the referrals or waitlist folder that contains the patient referral.

  2. Click the row for the next patient who requires an appointment.
    💡 Tip: If required, sort or filter the list to find the oldest or most urgent referral. For more information, see Searching for referrals.

    The Edit Referral window opens.

  3. In the Service Provider field, select the provider with whom to book the appointment.

  4. In the Status field, change the referral status to the appropriate status (such as Accepted). Under Required Actions, an action to Book an appointment appears.

  5. Click Book Now. The provider's appointment schedule opens to the current week.

  6. Navigate to the day and time of the appointment and click the time on the schedule to book the appointment (see Viewing and navigating the schedule).

  7. Complete the appointment details as described in Booking appointments and click Save when you are done.

  8. In the Confirm Notifications, choose whether to send an appointment notification to the patient via text or email.

  9. In the Edit Referral window, click Save.

Updated August 5, 2021

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