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Cancelling referrals
Cancelling referrals
Cancel and archive referral that were created in error or are no longer needed
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If you created a referral in error, or if the referral is no longer required, you can cancel and archive the referral. If you need to change an internal referral to an external one (or vice versa), you must cancel and archive the original referral and create a new one.

You cancel referrals by creating a new referral status, such as Cancelled, and assigning the Archive this record value to the Required actions field, which removes it from the list of active referrals in the Referrals dashboard. For more information, see Configuring outgoing referral statuses or Configuring incoming referral statuses.

Once cancelled (and archived), the referral record will still be visible in the patient's chart, under Referrals, with a status of cancelled.

Updated August 5, 2021

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