Archiving letter templates
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If you have a letter template that is no longer used, you can archive it by clicking the hide icon next to the specific template in Settings > Template > Letter. A window appears asking you to confirm the action (click Okay).

📌 Note: You must have the right permissions to perform this action. See User permission options.

You can view all archived templates in the same section, by clicking Active and selecting Archived (only archived templates) or All (active and archived templates). The templates appears greyed out with an Archived tag.

Once archived, the template will not be available to select within a patient's chart. See Creating letters from the patient chart. Any letters that were previously created using the archived template, will still remain in the patient chart.

Archived templates are easy to retrieve again by clicking the eye icon next to the archived item.

📌 Note: You can delete templates permanently from your domain by archiving them and then clicking the trash icon.

Updated December 9, 2021

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