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Creating letters from the patient chart
Creating letters from the patient chart

Create letters without the contents of an encounter

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You can create letters from a patient chart without starting from an encounter. For example, you may want to write a letter to an insurance company or lawyer about the patient or create a "sick note" letter for a patient to provide to their employer.


1. From the patient chart, click Start/Open > Letters. A list of the patient's existing letters appears.

2. Click New Letter.

3. To create the letter using a template, in the top-right corner, click Template, select the one to use and then click Apply this template.

4. In the Recipient field, search for and select the recipient. You can search for a contact using their name, billing code, occupation, or facility name.

💡 Tip: If you do not select a recipient, the letter is adressed to "To Whom it may concern".

5. In the CC field, search for and select the recipients to receive a copy.

📌 Note: The CC recipient is automatically added to the bottom of the letter. If your cover page template is configured accordingly, the CC recipient can also appear on the cover page. Refer to Creating cover page templates.

6. In the Letter title field, edit the title as required.

7. In the body of the letter, type the text of the letter. If the template you selected contains variables, the values are automatically pulled from the patient chart and underlined within the text. If the variable does not automatically populate with information, this means that the information is missing from the chart.

📌 Note: If a variable is red, click it to select from a list of options.

8. When you are done, click Save.

📌 Note: When you create a letter from the patient chart, it is auto-saved every 10 seconds.

9. Send the letter using one of the following options at the bottom of the letter:

  • PDF: Generates a PDF to print, fax, or download.

  • Signed PDF: Generates a PDF with your digital signature at the bottom of the letter to print, fax, email, or download.

📌 Note: You can add a cover page to your PDF document. See Adding a fax cover page to a PDF Document.

  • Message: Attaches the letter in a message to another user within your clinic.

  • Referral: Sends the letter to another provider as referral (internal to your clinic or outgoing to another location).

  • Print Signed: Prints the letter.

  • Fax Signed: Faxes the letter to the recipient.

💡 Tip: For information about configuring your digital signature, see Configuring signatures.

Updated September 21, 2023

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