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Treatments are similar to prescriptions, except that they are used for any instructions given to a patient that do not involve a prescribed medication. When you create a prescription for a medical device, therapy, or another non-medication treatment, you do not have to search for the treatment as you do for medications. Instead, you can free-type the device or treatment name.


1. Start a prescription (see Creating prescriptions).

2. In the search field, type a name for the treatment, such as physiotherapy, crutches, or low sodium diet.

3. Optionally enter dosage and quantity information using the discrete entry fields.

4. Optionally enter any Additional Instructions or information. For example, if the prescription is for physiotherapy, you could enter “For rehab following ACL repair in the right knee”.

5. Click Save.

6. Sign the prescription and, if necessary, choose a method of generating a copy of the prescription for the patient. For more information, see Signing prescriptions.

Updated March 29, 2022

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