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Once you sign a prescription, it can no longer be edited or deleted from the patient's chart. You can only Cancel or Stop the prescription.

If a prescription is created for a patient in error (for example, you create a prescription in the wrong patient’s record), you should cancel the prescription so it is clear the patient was never on that medication.

If you need to edit a signed prescription, you can cancel the prescription, create a new prescription, and write an addendum in your encounter explaining why the prescription was cancelled.

Cancelled prescriptions still appear in the Prescriptions and Medications areas of the chart, but they are marked as cancelled.


1. From the Start/Open menu or the Quick Menu, choose Prescriptions.

2. Click the x to the right of the prescription you wish to cancel. Alternatively, select the prescription to open it and then click Cancel - Invalidate this Prescription.

3. In the Cancel Prescription window, type a note to explain why you are cancelling this prescription.

4. For each medication on the prescription, choose whether to Cancel, Stop, or Keep. For example, if a prescription has two medications but only one was entered in error, you could cancel one while keeping the other medication active.

5. Click Save.

6. A message appears asking you to confirm you want to cancel the medication(s), as this cannot be undone. Click Okay.

7. The selected medication is cancelled, and appears as such in both the Prescriptions area and the list of All medications in the Medications list.



Updated April 29, 2022

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